03-Un vistazo a la fabulosa conexión espiritual-ingles

It is common that, at some point in our life, we have heard concepts such as spirituality, meditation, living in the present, energy, among many others. All of them have great importance and a close relationship with each other, however, their meaning is rarely investigated, due to laziness, forgetfulness, or because it is not considered that they can be useful to us.

The ignorance about these terms mean that we have most likely lost the opportunity to be interested in their practice, to obtain multiple benefits in our own interpersonal relationships and general well-being.

Spiritualism is a philosophical system that defends the essence of the spirit and the immortality of the soul. It implies the knowledge of the manifestation of the human being energy and the acceptance of one self’s immaterial nature.

Practicing it leads to reflection, solidarity, empathy, compassion and to connect with our being in a broader sense than we are used to.


Energy is present in our thoughts, emotions, behavior, body movement and words, but it is also found in absolutely everything around us, and it vibrates at different frequencies. To know the way we vibe, just analyze how we feel. A low vibration is related to negative feelings, such as anger, fear, anguish, and envy. A high vibration manifests itself with positive factors, such as love, joy, and humility, for example.

Because energy is everywhere, it is transmitted between people, places, situations, and activities, having a positive or negative impact, depending on how they emanate. Negative sensations are not pleasant, so the purpose is to vibrate as high as possible, regardless of external factors. Thereby, surrounding ourselves with an environment that vibrates high will always be welcome in our feeling.

It is then up to us to focus on maintaining our own energy for as long as possible at the highest frequency level, however, this is a task that requires discipline to master it, and even more so, being immersed in a daily life where are faced various situations that are commonly perceived as complicated, momentary, or long-lasting, and that we unconsciously allow ourselves to generate us anxiety and stress.

Keeping ourselves away from spiritual practices can deprive us from being able to go through our lives in a much calmer way and having a better health, facing in a more conscious way everything that we classify as "problems".

A powerful tool to block stress and anxiety

The phrase "living in the now" may sound like a cliche, however, it is an ancient practice widely used specially in the eastern cultures, spread mainly by Buddhism and Hinduism.

One of the most practiced techniques nowadays is meditation, which constantly has more followers, even recently incorporated as part of frequent activities in schools and companies around the world, because it produces a deep relaxation state and encourages the energy circulation, eliminating the constant disoriented thoughts flow, which cause stress and anxiety. Its basis is to concentrate on our breath and the present moment, with full presence and awareness, being much less conditioned to the constant and changing external circumstances.

Afterwards we will delve deeper into this fascinating topic.

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