Comercial Policies


• Which countries can the order be shipped to?
One or more shirts can be sent to any country.

• Where is the order received?
It is received at the address specified by the customer at the time of ordering.

• What is the estimated delivery time for the order?
Mexico: 4-5 working days
USA, Canada and Latin America: 6-9 working days
Rest of the world: 10-14 working days
All orders are processed on the following business day in which they are received. Delivery times may fluctuate due to the overall circumstances brought on by the COVID – 19 pandemic.

• What are the shipping costs for one T-shirt?
Mexican Republic, average: $150 MXN
USA and Canada, average: $ 22 US
Latin America, average: $ 30 US
Europe, average: $ 33 US
Rest of the world: $ 41 US

Shipping is free for purchases equal or over $ 1980 MXN ($ 108 US), and up to 10 t-shirts, shipping is free. For higher quantities (wholesale), please ask for special quotes to Customer Service at the email

Return and exchange policies

The exchange or return of the merchandise will proceed exclusively due to manufacturing defects and / or
incorrect delivery of size, fabric, color and / or model. Marëvnyk has high standards of quality and inspection
of the finished merchandise, before shipping, so this Company has full responsibility to replace defective or
incorrect merchandise.

The Customer's notification to Marëvnyk must be expressed within 3 calendar days after the merchandise is
delivered, by email sent to Customer Service, attaching photographs of the non-compliant merchandise for
evaluation. Within 24 hours, and by using the same means of communication, the Company will respond to the
Client if the claim proceeds or not and, if it is the case, will be informed of the logistics process that must be
carried out, without the Client having to incur extra expenses.

Once the Return Request is approved, Marëvnyk may send the User a guide for shipping through the
corresponding Shipping Company, as well as schedule the date on which the Shipping Company will collect
the merchandise from the address provided by the User.

The User must pack the merchandise in its original box or packaging (or similar, but robust and safe one),
print and deliver the guide to the Shipping Company on the date programmed for that purpose.

The parcel cost for the return of the defective or incorrect merchandise to Marëvnyk, as well as the shipping
costs to the Customer for the correct merchandise, will by the Company’s expenses (the parcel costs from a
second change onwards on the same order, required by the Client, will be covered by the Client).

In the case that the Customer chooses to only return the merchandise (that is, not willing to be replaced by the
correct merchandise), the cost of the merchandise will be reimbursed with the same payment method with
which the Customer made the purchase.

Marëvnyk will not make changes in size, fabric, color and / or model expressed by the Client in his order and
received in perfect condition. Therefore, it is emphasized to the Client that, before placing any order, review in
detail the features and measurements of the merchandise of interest.

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