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The Peruvian Pima cotton qualities.

This cotton comes from a tropical perennial plant, with yellow flowers and black seeds, called Gossypium Barbadense, which is cultivated in the Piura valley, in northern Peru.

Due to this region’s excellent natural conditions, where rich soil coverage and its very particular micro-climate help the seed absorb an ideal moisture amount at magnificent equatorial temperatures, this, along with hand harvesting does not damage the fiber and its cultivation is environmentally friendly because it does not use pesticides, enabling the harvest of one of the best global cottons whose production barely represents 2% of the total world varieties.

This variant belongs to the extra-long fiber cottons group, such as the Egyptian, which are used to make knitwear, fine scarves, and other high-quality products.


The threads length that are intersected throughout the fabric, generate a special shine and extraordinary softness finish. Furthermore, despite being a fine, long fiber, Pima cotton also has a higher durability than conventional cotton. The fabric that is produced is very cool, because it allows air to flow more freely, and the fabric absorbs the sweat that is released to the surface.

Due to this cotton’s distinctive benefits and excellent quality, the world's most prestigious clothing brands decide to use it to produce garments that are worthy for a very demanding market, who perfectly knows the great feeling about wearing an article of this category.

The importance of a product’s appellation of origin

The appellation of origin begins in product manufacturing, that due to its production quality and characteristics in a certain geographical region, make it unique and different from other similar products that are produced in the world. Therefore, it acquires consumer fame and recognition and, subsequently for customer protection, the corresponding certification is processed by national authorities, a document framed by industrial property law, which is complemented by international agreements between countries for the policy registration and observances that are established for product protection. This guarantees product quality which allows and encourages international market distribution and constitutes a legal tool to avoid any type of falsification.

The consumer product that has this certification has the assurance and guarantee that the product complies with an origin and high-quality regulation, as is the case of Peruvian Pima cotton.

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